The Bombay Royale – Phone Baje Na


Melbourne’s The Bombay Royale are on a mission. Originally formed to bring the amazing sounds of Bollywood’s Golden Era of the 1960’s and 1970’s to the Melbourne party goers, the band transformed into something new and different all together. Inspired by these obscure tunes they were bringing to audiences in the club and festival circuit, they started writing new, original music of their own. These exotic songs (sung in Hindi, Bengali, and English) along with their live stage show in the Bollywood tradition, has produced some amazing results.

Their latest release “Phone Baje Na or phone doesn’t ring in Bengali, contains the original track and three very different remixes of the original haunting tune. The band enlisted Melbourne beatsmith PasoBionic, Damn Moroda’s bassrave, and the down tempo boom bap of Monkeymarc to give the tune a relick. Each remix is of a different flavor, and if you’re not familiar with The Bombay Royale, this gives you a proper introduction to a project who breaks new grounds while preserving the integrity of this flamboyant genre. PaosBionic goes in hard on the Dilla tip but keeps the Bollywood flow in tact, giving the listener a sampling of sitars, Bengali lyrics and head nodding all the way through. Damn Moroda’s re-edit is heavy on the bass, emphasis on heavy. This version is club ready. Monkeymarc’s version keeps it on the after hours, down tempo tip, injecting the boom bap that gets quite electric at the end. IMHO, the best of the remixes on the 12”. You also get a bonus Psych/Funk cut “Sleeping Giant”. This fuzzy, horn filled, sitar laced, bass in your face bonus cut is simply dope. I will take a whole record of these sides. The Bombay Royale know their past, and are making their own future on the foundations of the masters. Introducing a whole new generation to Bollywood and its rich history, look for their spectacular live show at a venue near you.


More info from Hope Street Recordings.

Check out their website.

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