14KT – Nickel and Dimed LP



Ann Arbor’s favorite producer is back representing Michigan strong with his new Nickel and Dimed Lp. Dropping 14 inspired instrumentals + 1 with his signature boom bap sound, 14KT enlists the help of homies Jamall Bufford, Black Milk, BLU, Kokane and MED, as well as himself, stepping in front of the mic to tell you what five and ten is all about. On a whole, this new effort is bangin’, complete with spacey synth loops, clicks, Dilla inspired drunk drums (as Questlove calls them) or RZA Soul, off beat at time drums (as he was really the first to do it), it’s a head nodder for sure. In the pool of producers making beats these days (and there are a lot of them), 14KT definitely swims to the top himself, no need for a flotation device. Building layers of sounds 14KT let’s it flow, let’s himself go, and is definitely on some “slow and low” type beats. Emphasis heavy on the synths, this concept album is by far one of his best. A different journey to a different place on each track.

“The spirit told me peep it, keep your eyes on the greater purpose, go to use your craft to show the weight of what your worth is,”- 14KT

This guy can flip a Soul sample with the best of them. A more mature beatsmith, or should we say more in tune to his craft, 14KT should be on your radar once again as a guy to watch. All these instrumentals are tough and stand out on their own, the dude has drums for days. However, put some of these major spitters over them, and the shit blows up. “W.C.E.F” with MED and Kokane is on some blue (eyed) tuxedo Soul wrapped up with hard drums, you’re not in Michigan anymore, you’re throwing your W’s up in the air. A super big nod to the Left Coast for sure and some producers who have done it well before him. “Toris” is on some early Outkast/ Dungeon Family vibe, as AB smooths it out in outer space and you take that rocket ship ride to wherever you’re heading in the universe. “Slo Swerve” is the jam, instrumental or vocal. Buff1 (Jamall Bufford) shouts out Ipsilanti, Jazzy Jeff, and gives it to you, well, slow and the vocal version closes out the LP perfectly. If you’re a fan of off kilter drum beats and a sprinkling of different sounds (synth and otherwise), you will enjoy the music of 14KT. Here’s his Big Ups interview from a while back. The cream of the crop always rises to the top, and 14KT is close to the pinnacle.

Buy the record here.

Here’s an interview with 14KT from Respect magazine as well.

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