Big Ups With Brian Poust aka Agent 45


Here in Big Ups, it’s a celebration of people doing big things in their own right. I feel that it’s a disservice to not let our community know about these champions of the music and how they impact it on the regular. There are plenty of hard working individuals that put blood, sweat, and tears in every day to make a difference. It’s a pure love, a lifestyle, and FMF thinks they need to be recognized. Brian Poust, aka Agent 45 is one of these people. A long time Atlanta, Georgia DJ, crate digger, record dealer, and music historian, Brian has put in his time in the record and music game. When I first approached him, his modesty at what he does prevented him from doing the interview, and I finally shamed him (not really) into doing it. If you’ve ever bought records from Soul Force’s monthly list (and if not, I suggest you get on it), that’s Brian. He digs up some great stuff, and I have bought some fine pieces from him in the past. It’s with great pleasure that I can bring a stand up dude and the epitome of an all round crate digger straight from the ATL to the pages of Big Ups this week. Enjoy!


get on the Soul Force list here.

Keep Diggin’!

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