Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession – Special Edition


As if the dope book by Joe Mansfield, Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession wasn’t enough on its own, the good people from Get on Down in Boston have sweetened the pot just a little bit. The book, which explores 75 drum machines from the author’s personal collection and will also include the following in the November 29th Record Store Day Edition:

– A premium 1 ¾-inch thick textured “leatherette” outer slip case to hold the book (to be released worldwide on December 3), with different cover graphics than Beat Box. [A schematic image of a Roland TR-808 drum machine]. The slip case also houses an extra 7-inch and cassette (description below).

– A 7-Inch record – only available with this package, not sold separately – with unique cover artwork (outer cover and inner sleeve).
– Side A: Joe Mansfield’s re-creation of the Beastie Boys’ 1986 classic “Paul Revere” instrumental.
– Side B: the REVERSE version of Joe Mansfield’s instrumental, which plays from the inside of the record out. [As fans will recall, the music used on the “Paul Revere” original was a backwards-masked Roland TR-808 drum program…. So, the reverse version plays the “correct” / forward way.]

– An exclusive cassette with beats to 18 hit rock, dance and hip-hop tracks re-created on 11 different drum machines (all featured in the book). Machines used include the Linn LM-1 Drum Computer, Oberheim DMX, Roland TR-808 and Vox Percussion King. This cassette will only be available with the Record Store Day Edition and will not be sold separately.


With over 200 photos and limited to 1,500 pieces for added collectability, photography by Gary Land and a foreword by Dave Tompkins, the book becomes available worldwide December 3rd. So this is a very special chance to get it on Record Store Day (Black Friday) before the public release and not available anywhere else. Grab up some of the extra goodies that won’t be around for long. This book is dope on so many levels, it’s ridiculous. If you are a fan of making beats, production, and chopping up drums, this is the ultimate source.

More information here.

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