Merry Christmas from Flea Market Funk


This year I wanted to send out a little cheer from Kings County here in Brooklyn, NY. It’s a big, fat, Happy Holidays to you and yours. Whatever faith or denomination you are, however you spend your holidays, we’re wishing you and yours the best damn holiday ever. Thank you for your support of Flea Market Funk this year and over the years. Here’s a card from my first Christmas ever. I look thrilled to be on some stranger’s lap, let alone dressed in that outfit I’m wearing. Have a funky holiday people, and we will see you in the ’14 with even more treats!

All the best!

DJ Prestige/ Flea Market Funk

One response to “Merry Christmas from Flea Market Funk

  1. Thanks for tha Xmas wishes, festive cheer to you, your familiy and friends.
    Most props & much respect on keeping peeps like me informed with tha groove.
    Your site is updated on tha regular more than most ‘ fo real and myself like many others around the planet appreciate the hard work you put in to share that soulfulfunkeejazzyness vibe we all dig for…Peace Up!!, Mr Get $um

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