Big Ups With RAMBO Salinas


I met RAMBO Salinas a few years ago when we spun together at a Hot Peas & Butta event at Fat Buddah here in NYC. A cool cat who had some heavy records, he dropped a fantastic set on the Tokyo Soul night in the LES. One of the few Lowrider/ Chicano Soul dudes I have ever met, he is the first digger here in Big Ups that runs DEEP in that category. A DJ and digger that stays very true to his craft, his hard working attitude in life shows through in his style. Let’s head up to Minneapolis, MN and get down with part of the MPLS Hot Pants Crew, and see what the Twin City via Texas connection is all about. My pleasure to get RAMBO in Big Ups this week. Also, via Mr. Salinas, the gun is fake in the photo, and was found in a dig with some great records. Found DJ product logo, what a bonus. Please enjoy!


Link up with RAMBO on facebook.

Keep Diggin’!

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