Seven Seas – Melô Do Tubaráo aka Super Jaws


Sometimes you pick up a record even though you have it. I know I’m not the only person out there that does this. I’ll buy a record because I just want to have another clean copy (the obvious), or just because I can’t bear to leave it sit there in the crate. I really just can’t pass up good music on vinyl, even if I own the thing. It’s not even a case of having to collect or own every record. I’m no Paul Mawhinny. I just can’t bear to leave it there in a crate to get lost once again. I’ll find some use for it at some point, right? That was the case with this record we have here today, “Melô Do Tubaráo” aka “Super Jaws” by Seven Seas. While I may have had the record, seeing some crazy foreign picture sleeve got me opening my wallet quickly.


If you’re not familiar with the record, the original is a double sider on Glades records from 1975. It has the excellent classic “Pat’s Jam” on one side, and “Super Jaws” on the other. “Pat’s Jam” was reviewed on Flea Market Funk here a while ago. The record is affiliated with the great Clarence Reid, aka Blowfly in later years. Seven Seas is his backing band, and along with producer Willie Clarke, they put together some tight music. A hot backing band indeed. Now turning up the Glades side isn’t that hard of a feat. I’ve seen it dozens of times in the field, and if you are lazy it’s readily available online through auctions. If you go to Discogs, they list six different versions for “Super Jaws”, which include promo copies from Glades, and a cool RCA/Victor picture sleeve from France. However, this Brazilian pressing on One Way/ Top Tape Musica Ltda. is no where to be found. I copped this piece from The Ambassador about 6 years ago at a record show in Jersey. It just looked too good to pass up. The tune itself is top billin’. For me, it starts out with a Tony Allen vibe a bit, before steam rolling straight through a Disco Funk frenzy of guitars, drums, and dance floor filling goodness. Maybe it was the cover that added more mystique to the same tune for me? A lo-fi hand drawn cover, slick typography, and an equally intriguing back cover of a Brazilian beach. It had to be, I owned the record. But then, I opened the thing. A little hole, which I don’t mind, and BAM! Crazy hand drawn label with a buzzard on a One Way sign. Sold. There were some weird, hand typed stickers on it (jukebox perhaps?), but this is something I’ve never come across again. I can get past the little hole with all the other great attributes (besides the track) this piece of vinyl has. Thanks to the South American vinyl gods for smiling on me that day. Enjoy.



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