Big Ups With HeavySoulBrutha


HeavySoulBrutha Dave is one of those guys who just lives for music. One of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met that is genuinely a champion for the vinyl cause. Whether it’s dusty Stax releases or the latest Modern Funk or Soul, Dave is passionate for it all. His excellent site, Put The Needle On The Record has been keeping readers informed and turned on to good music for years, and his all vinyl mixes on Mixcloud have put him in the Top 100 Mixcloud DJs more than once. A well rounded digger, Dave has started to take the HSB live show in and around the Richmond, VA. Catch him out if you can. Great to have HeavySoulBrutha in this week’s Big Ups. Please enjoy.

HeavySoulBrutha’s Put The Needle On The Record
HeavySoulBrutha on Mixcloud.

Keep Diggin’!

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