The Brazil 45s Series


You always hear some crazy Brazilian tracks, and wonder: where can I get this stuff? I’m not talking about Brazil ’66, I’m speaking on the deeper cuts. Funky, beautiful, fuzzy, and most unattainable. Unless you’re a guy like Greg Caz, DJ Nuts, or Allen Thayer (all respected Brazilian music record dudes in their own right) who know what to buy (and where to get it) experts on the genre, you are lost in Brazilian music. It’s so huge. If you were lucky enough, you used to hit up Tropicalia in Furs here in NYC. Joel would turn you on to some of the baddest Brazilian stuff around. But what about now? No more Tropicalia, it’s closed. Yes, there’s internet research, Wax Poetics articles and blogs, but you need to shell out some serious coin for these records. Unless you go to Brazil yourself (which is an entirely different thing all together), you’re out of luck like two dogs stuck as Biggie would say. Are you though? Mr. Bongo has just put out a few records that could help you out, a 45 series of Brazilian music from the “Golden Era” of the 1960’s and 70’s. Beautifully pressed and exquisitely labeled, these four 7″s are just what you need to get started in Brazilian sides. The series includes gems from Sonia Santos, Noriel Vilela, Juca Chaves, and Salinas among others. Our personal favorite is the Noriel Vilela version of Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “16 Tons”, but the Sonia Santos Samba fueled Jorge Ben cover of “Speed” is a pretty tough one as well. This series has a variety of music to get you going. Some tracks have never been on 45 (“Tenha Fe, Pois Amanhà Um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer”). Others are Samba Rock classics (“Nega, Neguinha”). At least one is an essential Brazilian record (“Deixa Eu Dizer”). These records are a good place to start if you have no idea what Brazilian records to scoop up. Buy the whole series, or pick and choose, it’s up to you. Brazil released some incredible music, and this is just a small drop in the bucket of the rabbit hole you’re going to go down. Believe me, you will! Thank Mr. Bongo for the helping hand. Lindo maravilhoso!

Shop Brazil 45s here from Mr. Bongo.

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