Eminent Stars: An Old But Not Forgotten Groove

Eminent-Stars_470When the founders of Eminent Stars got together in some old, dusty room with analog equipment to lay down some tracks for a record, they had one sound in mind. That sound was the 60’s and 70’s coming out of New Orleans, when a certain breed of bands were churning out special music from a special city. It’s a distinct sound, one that by today’s standards is old, but not forgotten. Why is that? It’s all about the groove baby. Their debut record on Tramp, Sittin’ With, echoes that groove of yesteryear and moves just like its forefathers. This record digs deep into the soul of the sound, drawing from Funk, Gospel, Soul, and R & B while taking the listener back to the sweaty Bayou clubs and rocking them until dawn like it was done before. One of the founders, saxophone player (plus engineer and producer) Ben Mendes surrounded himself with some top notch musicians such as Toon Oomen on drums, percussion, and guitar, Mischa den Haring on guitar, Andert Tijsma on bass, and Dirk Beets on trumpet to lay down one bad ass funky record. From the huge drum break on “Ready To Fly” (featuring Imelda), to the Dr. John influenced “A Good Woman” (featuring Bruce James), to The Meters echoing in “My Baby Is Hot”, and other stand out tracks like the organ heavy “Tune In” (someone has been listening to Touissaint McCall) and bubbling “Slow Cooking Baby”, Sittin’ With has a serious ‘Nawlins vibe and feel. It’s cool to see bands emulating this era, N.O. had its own sound, and when a song starts, you know exactly where you are, even if you’re 10,000 miles away. This music is associated with heavy players, from Eddie Bo to Lee Dorsey, Professor Longhair to Jellyroll Morton, and Eminent Stars represent the sounds emanating from AM radios during that time period quite well. This is a sound we could never forget.

This release will be available in a limited edition, hand numbered vinyl. Put on a pot of gumbo and get your feet moving.

Get more info on purchasing on the Tramp records site.

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One response to “Eminent Stars: An Old But Not Forgotten Groove

  1. Thanks a tremendous lot for your very nice reflection on our new LP! Great to hear all these sweet words! We are doing our best, following our hearts, our grooves and our roots! Many regards from Amsterdam from the Eminent Stars 🙂

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