Sure Fire Soul Ensemble – City Heights b/w Strollin’ Adams

SFSE-BW_470It’s always great to hear new music, especially from a band like the Sure Fire Soul Ensemble. We have got behind these guys since their debut 45 “Layin’ Low”, and since then the word has spread like wildfire, landing that hot platter in many record boxes all over the world. They are a busy band. Playing a ton of gigs and apparently recording just as much. They joined forces with Midwest powerhouse Colemine to release a seven inch that is just in time for the warmer weather, sweet tea on the front porch, and strolls through the park. With Soul Jazz in their veins, they’ve struck a chord on this latest 45, “City Heights” b/w “Strollin’ Adams”. With Colemine just stacking the roster with great bands, they are like the Roc Nation of indie Funk and Soul labels. Let’s get into this one, shall we?

“City Heights” is a breezy walk through the neighborhood on a Summer’s day. Light and easy, the intro guitars give way to magnificent horns. Some sweet Soul Jazz at its finest. Reminiscient of George Benson meeting the Memphis Horns while Herbie Mann gets down, this side is soulful and funky at the same time. By the time the flute comes in and give way to more drums that knock, you’ve not just circled the neighborhood, you’ve walked the city and back nodding your head the whole way. This track is another winner from SFSE and a sure shot for Colemine Records. On point as usual, they are once again highlighting some of the newest and best bands out there. The flip, “Strollin’ Adams”could be a nod to Adams Avenue (we are not sure), but picks up where “City Heights” left off. A little more jazzy, a little bit funkier but with that breezy feel still, this track brings you back to those mid 60’s early 70’s Blue Note/ Prestige/ Verve Soul Jazz moments. A time when the players clicked and gave us this genre that has wooed listeners for decades moving forward. The old sound is new again, and preserved just right. Aces high, this is a winner on both sides. The record hits the streets at the end of this week. Mark your calendars.

Side A

B Side

Check out more from them on Soundcloud.

Go to the Colemine site for more info.

Keep Diggin’!

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