Small Professor – Mixed Jawns II

a2932032355_10Small Professor aka Small Pro has had a long running instrumental series called Jawns. I have to be honest here, I can’t keep up with this workhorse he puts out so much stuff. They’re all quality. The man has paid his dues. The little brother from Philly is one of the producers you don’t know about, but should. This final installment is a follow up to last year’s Mixed Jawns. The first of the six tracks originate from an EP that was going to be titled “18teen” (for its running time). These highlight SP’s fantastic boom bap sound. The second half come from a shelved EP called Slowerrrbus. Dedicated to a friend of SP’s called Curly Castro who sent out a cheeky tweet you can check out when you listen to the project, Mixed Jawns II really solidifies SP as someone to watch. (We’ve said it before and we will say it again, pay attention, this is some real Hip Hop.) All in all this last of the series keep s you interested throughout. Definitely influenced by the Golden Age but with an open mind, SP’s beats flow like Cornbread did bombing The City of Brotherly Love back in the day: original and consistent. If you dig instrumental Hip Hop crafted nicely, great sample choices, and nodding your head, then this is for you. If it’s your first introduction to SP, welcome aboard, it’s time to catch up.

Get Mixed Jawns II here.

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