Marlon James – Wonder Why

Marlon-JamesEvery once in a while something comes across our plate here at Flea Market Funk, and you say: “This is an artist to watch out for.” Today was another one of those days. Marlon James is one of those artists. The artist formerly known as Guzo Lou, James takes his R & B influenced Soul from the T dot O out for a drive on this Princeish side “Wonder Why”. A slick combination of Eighties drums, flangy vocals, and falsetto choruses, this tune is a hit waiting to happen. Usually, since we lived through the decade, we don’t want to revisit these sounds, but we have to tell you, this tune is damn catchy. Pleasantly surprised at this funky little nugget of Soul, it’s on repeat in the offices and is the anthem for the day. I was hoping to get a little more info on this artist, but his site is pretty sparse, maybe he’s surrounding this track in mystery? Very Prince of him as well. Whatever the case is, Marlon James is on his way, and it looks to be rising. So if you’re in Toronto, Canada, make sure you look the dude up and see where he’s performing. This is the street cred a guy like Robin Thicke wish he had (and he had Pharrell in his corner). Gritty, edgy, and making you move out of your seat, you’ll wonder why this dude hasn’t got more coverage. In fact, his Guzo Lou stuff is hot fire as well. Guzo Lou or Marlon James, this is some music you may have to dig for. But let me ask this? Isn’t it much sweeter when you’ve dug harder to get a payoff like this? Don’t stop at “Wonder Why”, dig into his other music as well. It’s definitely dope. You heard it here first. Believe it.

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Listen to more music here.

Keep Diggin’!

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