Miles Tackett: The Fool Who Wonders

PromoImage-620x620If you collect Funk records, follow the Funk and Soul scene, or were a resident of Los Angeles in the last 20 years, you know who Miles Tackett is. A man who wears many hats in the seminal band Breakestra (guitar player, producer, bandleader) as well as a talented DJ, he’s branched out on his own to release a solo record, The Fool Who Wonders. Due out on June 24th on the Root Down Record imprint, Tackett tackles a variety of sounds that range from Blue Eyed Soul to Psychedelica, R & B, and Rock. He’s dug deep into his influences and come out with a different sound than you might be used to with Breakestra. Recorded straight to analog tape, The Fool Who Wanders first single “Just What I Need” breaks out of his well known DJ/ funky president musician persona (check Funky Sole and Root Down) to drop this gem recorded at his East LA studio New Tilt. It’s a tasty stew Tackett cooks up on this first effort, sure to lead ears back for seconds. Combining a noticeable West Coast laid back sound with his own Blue Eyed Soul recipe, Miles takes it to a beautiful place as tinges of guitar Rock and Roll slip in and out of this very soulful single. Haunting and steamy, this first listen is a late night travel through the streets of LA, a place Tackett knows very well. We are definitely looking forward to hearing more music from this talented artist in the future. It’s great to see someone as talented as Tackett break the mold he helped create and forge forward into new aural territories. You’ll be hearing a lot more from this guy, so stay tuned.

Keep Diggin’!

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