Jarmusch_470Here’s something that has been floating around for a while, and as things change here at Flea Market Funk, it seemed fitting to highlight this collaboration of Jim Jarmusch, The GZA (who provides the lyrics), filmmaker Jun Ohki, and beats by Big Ups alum Preservation. Jarmusch perches himself atop a rooftop and recites The GZA’s lecture about the O in all its incarnations: number, shape, and the many forms it takes in our universe. Preservation provides a beautiful, cinematic soundtrack to Jarmusch’s poetic warblings as Ohki (director of SBX! Holding Down The Tradition) puts his touch on the visuals. All three, who are no strangers to Hip Hop music at all, work together great in this video. It’s great to see Jarmusch in front of the camera as opposed to behind it, he’s got a commanding presence and unique voice. Preservation is a guy that gets things done, and this music he created is right on the money. The GZA, well, he’s like a scientist. Speaking at Ivy League universities, he shows us more over he is not just a scientist of sound, but a knowledgeable scholar not just in Hip Hop. Enjoy this little piece of mellow madness, and put a little something different in your life today. Sometimes you have to take a break, sit back, relax, and unwind. Preservation and company help you do it in style.

Check out more Preservation projects here.

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