Open Crates

Open-Crates_470So we’ve made the jump from BK to JC, and in the last few days it just feels like home sweet home.  With a prime view of NYC from the office, we are in the midst of setting up our studio and of course putting all of our records back in order as well.  Flea Market Funk is excited to jump into the record pool here in Jersey City, but before we do, I’d like to give some props where props is due.  The guys at Open Crates have been doing their thing for more than a minute, and I would be remiss not to Big Up what these cats are doing here in Jersey City.  A collective of like minded individuals who prefer their music on vinyl, their monthly meetup since 2012 has turned into a boutique record label, digital agency, and event producers.  Their vision is “to expand the palettes of musical explorers one record at a time.”  A great vision, and a great philosophy.  Founded by Andres Jimenez and Steve Royster, these guys (and their collective family) dig deep.  With a who’s who collective featuring cats like Pat James Longo, Mr. Len, DJ A.C.L. and more, this vibe is a force to be reckoned with.  All vinyl, all the time, we are looking forward to linking up with this group to spread some vinyl love into their mix.  Check out their newest video below to see what they are all about.

More on Open Crates here.

Check out their Facebook page.

Keep Diggin’!

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