The New Review – Time Heals All

1425264_713942991983128_50863301_oSummertime, and the liven’ is easy. Especially when you have a tune like this in your headphones. Hailing from Beantown aka Boston, MA, The New Review may be new to the scene, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make waves here on the East Coast. The nine piece jazz/ funk outfit has released this live, roof top recording of “Time Heals All”, a tune about moving on and heartbreak. With the lovely vocals of Aubrey Haddard out front, The New Review make the sting of a love lost sound just as pleasant as a successful first date. Their tight horn section (complete with an improvised sax solo breakdown) complements here voice, plus the bass and guitar groove really clicks. It’s great to hear a fresh sound like this: light, airy, and breezy with a funky edge. The New Review is definitely poised for good things. They have been gigging on the East Coast and will get a chance to perform for an NYC crowd at The Plank in Williamsburg on August 9th, and will be opening for The New Mastersounds at The Brighton Music Hall in Allston (one our have venues) as well. Look out for their full length record coming out in November too. We will be reporting back on this these talented up and comers for sure. Breaking up never sounded so good.

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