Ezko – $truggle Rap$

Ezko - $truggle Rap$With a nod to Rakim straight off, Ezko spits controlled but hard lyrics over a barely audible Honeydrippers drum break chopped nicely by producer Mxhajlov. Hailing from Cameroon, but now resting his head in Gaithersburg, MD, it seems Ezko has a point to make. Life is hard, and through these struggles and tribulations he hopes his listeners bring something positive away from his music.

“Got people overseas can’t speak English tryna rap wit the kid/ Back wit the shizz/ Now I’m back in the biz/ They don’t understand fully what they hearin/ But they like what it is.”- Ezko!

Combining a 90’s lyrical style and a personal philosophy that is braggadocios while remaining positive, “$truggle Rap$” is no throw back, but fits nicely in today’s Beast Rap world. Ezko sits nicely by himself on a shelf, setting his own pace and making his own rules while keeping DMV (that’s DelMarVa) on the map. With two previous tunes, “Coming of Age” and “Temple of Mind” getting the thumbs up from the Hip Hop community, this track is the trifecta that makes it official. Seriously, as if Ezko isn’t official enough. Not your average rapper, he is bringing something fresh to the game. Keep a watch out for dude, he’s making moves like a ninja. Turn around, and he’ll be right there killing it.

Check out Ezko on Facebook and follow him on twitter.

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