Ziek: Hammond Freakout from The Netherlands

persfotoWhen you are introduced to a band that you’ve never heard before, and from the jump off they blow you away, you’re hoping everything else they do is just as good. Ziek are that band. This quartet, hailing from Amsterdam and Leiden, the Netherlands, are heavy on the Hammond and the drums. Inspired by dusty forty fives, they translate the energy from the records into their live show, which usually results in a huge funky party at the end. Flea Market Funk investigates the band with the pretty=shitty attitude.

This six song EP has something for everyone, and Hammond lovers will dig the sound even more. “Ocean Man” reminds us of a band playing a DJ Shadow track minus the MPC. Upbeat and heavy, it also has the feel of the RAK label, raw and funky. Housing a great bass line breakdown and drums galore and then some, we dig this track. “Feeling Better” has a New Orleans vibe to it. A nod to the organ of Mister Bocage and the sheer funkiness of a region is littered throughout. Moving and grooving, Ziek know how to throw it down. “Mashed Potatoes” is an upbeat dance floor killer with driving guitar, and of course, plenty of Hammond heat to go around for everyone. A massive drum break/ bass breakdown will have you losing your mind and sweating to the break of dawn. Keep your cool though, because “The Suitcase” belongs in some spy movie and is both tender and hard. The organ version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” with Hammond substitute. The track that most likely has people freaking out on the dance floor is ‘Locomotive”. It’s freak beat meets rock meets jam band, circling the skies as the Mothership attempts to land. Ziek are funky, and they show no signs of slowing down with their funkiness. While they are just touring in the Netherlands at the moment, don’t be surprised if they make it to U.S. shores soon. They are not going to let a little ocean get in the way of spreading their brand of funk. Hopefully they will be pressed up on vinyl by then, this band needs to put out a seven inch pronto. Listen to what they have to offer below.

Check out Ziek on the web.

Get the music from their bandcamp page.

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