The Expansions – Aubergine’s Escape

Expansions CoverExpansions VinylThis morning we travel to Old London Town with the groove from funky quartet The Expansions. Hailing from South London and influencd by Blaxploitation and the street sounds of the 1970’s, The Expansions bring their own blend of a funky good time to vinyl with their seven inch release of “Aubergine’s Escape”. A moody, psych influenced soundtrack tune that is gritty and soulful, The Expansions reach in deep and pull out their inner dusty fingers with this track. With a huge drum break, this is dirty music at it’s finest. A definite slow burner, these guys know how to lay it down. The flip side, is a treat and a surprise. “Mess Up Your Mind” is a cover of the San Francisco psych-funk band Aura. This tune is off of their only release from 1976, an often sought after psych record that has reached cult status. The Expansions version of this classic is nothing short of perfect. Updated with their sound, they do this nugget justice. The four band members, James O’Keefe (Guitar), Dave Koor (Keys and Synths), Matt Summerfield (Bass), and Jonny Drop (Drums and Percussion) fit together well like some puzzle that has equal parts funk, soul, and psychedelic influences. This is a sound we have grown to love and appreciate here at Flea Market Funk, and are looking forward to more releases from this quartet in the future. Pressed up on white vinyl with a color picture sleeve, this forty five drops on October 20th. You heard it here first.

Bonus: The Expansions cover of Aura’s “Mess Up Your Mind”

Pre-order the record here.

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