Funky Drummer (Jorun Bombay Edit)

received_m_mid_1409042343502_944f187d1baea81574_0 (2)Good Gawd, make me sweat! While we agree with Brother Skeme Richards in the sense that touching JB is not something we go with, but we have gotten behind this reworking of “Funky Drummer” by Jorun Bombay. Exactly what we (and you) need for a Friday. It’s as if the Godfather himself got behind the boards and said: “I need to rework this for a new generation”. That’s exactly what Mr. Bombay has done. In this snippet you get the idea of the reworking with in seconds. The drums, the infectious organ, and of course JB doing his own thing. Let’s not forget those precious guitar licks and horns that also keep it moving nicely. This limited edition of 300 pieces world wide is available as a single record or DJ double pack. You know you want to rock doubles of this! The flip, “Rock The Discotek” (feat. Ghettosocks and Timbuk) is a future B-Boy anthem if we ever heard one. Filled with some well known samples to get you up rocking in no time, a great double sider of quality music. Soundweight coming through again with the HEAT! We all win on this one people. Now jump back and kiss yourself please. Out mid January 2015, you don’t want to miss this.

Preorder the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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