Sly & The Family Stone Collection Box Set

Sly Stone Box Set 1
Back in the early digging days, I can remember scouring endless crates and boxes looking for Sly Stone records. Not just because of the name, but because they were good and my father always played them. Chock full of drum breaks and psychedelic influences, one of the first multi-cultural bands was important to me to find in the field. You could always find a copy of the Greatest Hits, but when you stumbled across a clean copy of There’s a Riot Goin’ On, Life, or Dance To The Music, you were excited. Such was the life of an early digger here at Flea Market Funk. You took what you could get and you were happy.

Companies have made digging a bit easier these days, and to mark the 72nd birthday of Sly Stone, Legacy have put five classic Sly and the Family Stone records together in a box set for your listening pleasure. Here are all the details of the Sly and the Family Stone Original Album Classics box set:

-5 LP 180gram, limited edition box set offers music fans and collectors the chance to own 5 Sly & The Family Stone classic albums in one slipcase

-Includes: A Whole New Thing, Dance To The Music, Life, Stand!, and There’s A Riot Goin’ On

-All 5 LPs are exact replicas of the original classic albums restored for vinyl

-Sourced from the original master tapes

-Mastered by Vic Anesini and pressed at URP

Sly Stone Box Set 2

For all you Sly fans who may have just got into collecting vinyl, or haven’t got a chance to get these records, the time is now. Most originals LPs are readily available (conditions vary), but it’s not often you see A Whole New Thing out there, so that’s a bonus. Here’s our take on the box set. If you’re just looking for the music, this is for you. Five records in their entirety, cut and dry. You can’t deny the music the man and his band made. However, if you’re looking for some deluxe photo book, liner notes, gatefolds, or anything else, this may not be for you. Riot isn’t a gatefold, and the inner sleeves on the LPs weave no tales either. It’s strictly about the music here. This isn’t such a bad thing, because it gives you time to soak in what Sly has to offer, and then go out on your own and find the originals you really dig at your leisure. This box set is only available through POPMarket, and when the limited amount of sets are gone, it’s a wrap. This set is a great starter for someone just discovering Sly, or for the collector that has to have every release. Like we said, it’s more about the music here than the extras, so keep that in mind. Get more info about this box set and about other vinyl sets they are putting out below.

Get the box set here.

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One response to “Sly & The Family Stone Collection Box Set

  1. How do you feel about the Record Store Day release of Sly’s 1968 concert at the Fillmore? Is that going to be worth snagging?

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