Who Knew Hawaii Had So Much Vinyl?

Soul Time 2All Photos Courtesy Roger Bong

This month marked the one year anniversary of Soul Time in Hawaii, a monthly party put on by Roger Bong and his Aloha Got Soul label. Roger has been spearheading a movement in the 50th state to preserve Hawaiian music, specifically on vinyl. With the label’s release of Mike Lundy’s music, the whole world got a glimpse of this very talented Hawaiian artist, as well as the history of funky music through a series of mixes and events throughout the globe. Not only has a guy like Roger Bong become an expert on vinyl out of Hawaii, you can add historian or preservationist to it as well. He’s got Hawaiian pride, and well, someone has to preserve the islands rich vinyl history. This one year anniversary party featured 8 hours of ALL Hawaiian music with the following genres: acoustic/folk/psych, acoustic/new age/jazz, rock/surf/garage, twistsoul/AOR/rare groove, and funk/soul/disco/boogie, all selected by Bong, Oliver Twist, and guest DJ schitzr. Eight hours of 100% Hawaiian vinyl of all genres sounds like a great time. We want to send congratulations out to Roger and wish him and the label all the best in the future.Soul Time 1

Here’s is a soundcloud of the night:

Soul Time 3

More info on the party here.

Keep Diggin’!

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