Independent Grand Pop Up Market

Indy-Grand_RSD-1170x1560While people are still trying to figure out whether Record Store Day helps or hurts the vinyl record community, a group of independent record labels are just doing there own thing on Saturday April 18th. Because every day is record store day for them, right? Brought to you by Names You Can Trust, the Independent Grand Pop Up Market is “a unique showcase and direct-to-customer record mart featuring some of New York City’s finest Independent Record Labels.” These include:

Names You Can Trust
Bastard Jazz
Cherries Records
Daptone Records
Truth & Soul
Electric Cowbell
Sociedad Records
Good Timin’
Wax Poetics

This all day event will take place at Kinfolk 90 Design Lab/ Cafe in Williamsburg, BK, and will feature 100% vinyl entertainment from label reps as well as food and coffee to order. Here’s who will be in the house:

Christian Martir ~ Sociedad Records
Crown Vic ~ Electric Cowbell
Jex Opolis ~ Good Timin’
Oneman ~ Names You Can Trust
Meaty Ogre & Shred One ~ Cherries Records
Mikey Post ~ Daptone Records
Aaron DRM & Erik the Red ~ Bastard Jazz
Nickodemus – Wonderwheel
Monk-One ~ Names You Can Trust

This looks to be a really great event, plus every single one of these labels is killing it with independent, forward thinking, incredible music. We are a huge supporter of these labels as well as the music they put out. If you are in the NYC area on 4/18, this event is not to be missed.

Saturday, April 18th
Kinfolk 90
90 Wythe Ave
Williamsburg, BK

Check out the facebook event here.

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