Thanks From Flea Market Funk

PromosWe just wanted to give a big THANKS to all of our readers and supporters over the years for not only believing in our little space of the internet, but including us in your promos for new releases and such. When we started FMF eight years ago, we just wanted to highlight our digging tales and bounty we dug up in the field. However, when we decided to go daily and included newer releases, we found our niche. Well aware of the costs of pressing up vinyl in smaller quantities, we are honored to be considered for promo vinyl from all of the labels we deal with. We’ve never been one to ask, as we will review good music anyway, we’re very appreciative to be included on these lists. We’ve grown into a #tastemaker site, and all the labels putting out great music have helped us grow to that status. It’s humbling to be one of the global voices people go to daily to get new music, and again, we thank you. While we aren’t they authority, we’d like to think that as we stay in our lane, and the unique voice of Flea Market Funk touches a wide variety of people every day. That means a lot to us. We will continue to bring you unique daily content pertaining to vinyl culture. So again, we say thank you to the FMF family for the support throughout the years.

Keep Diggin’!

2 responses to “Thanks From Flea Market Funk

  1. I have been with you the whole way Jamison, and your knowledge and ear for everything Soul and Funky is just amazing. Crazy to see how the FleaMarket Funk world of yours has changed,.. in all the right ways. thanks for helping keep me in my own lane..RESPECT.

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