Summertide: Marc Hype/ Jim Dunloop/ Sabrina Golian

SummertideThis is something for the radio….the new Summertide Mix selected by the one and only Marc Hype (Dusty Donuts) and Sabrina Golan. With piano enhancements from the world renowned Jim Dunloop this is another sure shot for your ears. Hosted by Blake Worrell, this special mix features some favorites of the moment, rare, new, edited and dusty, funk soul, disco, latin, and more. We are digging the way they put this mix together by mixing live vocals with edits, dusty 45s, live piano, and a lot of love. Oh that Jim Sharp edit of the Impressions feat. Pharoah Monch. Hot Damn! Originally aired on WEFUNK Radio, this first volume is dynamite and out of sight. We can’t wait for volume number 2. Have a listen below:

(Dusty Donuts / BBE / Berlin)

“SUMMERTIDE Mix 2015” Vol. 1

Tracklist :

1. The Chicken – Soul Intro feat. Blake Worrell
2. The Delegators – Be Good To Me
3. Eddie & Ernie – Bullets Don’t Have Eyes
4. TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio – Spread It On feat. Alice Russell
5. The Impressions feat. Pharoahe Monch – We Must Be In Love (Jim Sharp Edit)
6. Funky Boogie Brothers & Keith Mansfield – Funky Fun
7. Bobby Patterson – If Love Can’t Do It (It Can’t Be Done) (DJ Prime Repunch)
8. Pamoja – Oooh Baby (J.R. Dynamite Edit)
9. Marlena Shaw X Blue Boy – Remember Me (Jim Sharp Edit)
10. Honey & The Bees – Love Addict (The Apple Scruffs Edit)
11. Sebastian Williams – Get Your Point Over
12. Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Present Espeut’s Quintet – Let It Go
13. La-33 – La Pantera Mambo (J.R. Dynamite Edit)
14. Minimatic – Cumbia En Do Menor (Voodoocuts Remix)
15. Marvin Gaye – T Plays It Cool (DJ Prince Remix)
16. James Brown – Coldblooded (Pied Piper Regroove)
17. Voodoocuts – The Fool
18. Sir Jarvis – Fania Brothers Workout
19. Barry White – I Wanna Stay (Monk Edit)
20. Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around (Combo ReEdit)
21. The Chi-Lites – Are You My Woman (DJ Reverend P Edit)
22. Jack Hammer – Swim (Wonderlove’s Re-edit)
23. Tortila Factory – Cookin (Crackin Edit)
24. Cee-Roo feat. Ella Fitzgerald – Sunshine Of Your Love
25. Voodoocuts – Let Me Do My Thing

Keep Diggin’!


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