FleaMarket Funk x Brewerytown Beats: PHILADELPHIA

Brewerytown Beats_2This upcoming weekend, FleaMarket Funk will be taking on Philadelphia for two days. We definitely have love for Philly. From our younger days hanging at The Vet watching Schmiddy hit the long ball, watching Dave Schulz and The Round Mound of Rebound manhandle people at The Spectrum, or playing shows at The Troc or Khyber, the City of Brotherly Love has always been a place we dug. Give a cheese steak at Pat’s or Jim’s, or drop us off at Tony Luke’s pre or post show and we’ll have a smile on our face. It’s with great pleasure that we announce some shows with the respected Brewerytown Beats record shop and the Little Big Things Crew. It’s going to be a packed two days, so hopefully some of you Philly cats will be able to catch up with us when we’re in town. Rich Medina, we miss each other again, next time brotha! On Friday night October 2nd, we’ll be on air from 6pm until 9pm on Eavesdrop Radio with DJ’s Junior and Little Dave. I’ll be packing some gems for this show especially. From the radio show we jet right to Sarah’s Place for a night of all 45s with Froz 1 and Personify. This should be a treat, as these cats have some heavy 45s to sling. Brewerytown Beats Show_1 The next day will be an in-store appearance and set over at Brewerytown Beats, one of Philly’s premier record shops. These dudes just moved locations, and we can’t wait to check out what the shop has to offer. We are excited to get on down to Philipa and play some good 45s, see some good friends, and of course sample some great Philadelphia cuisine. That’s part of it, I mean, how can you go to Philly and not get something delicious? Thanks to Brewrytown Beats and Sailor Jerry for putting on both of these fine events. Each of this events are FREE, so no excuses not to stop on over, buy some vinyl (you were going to do that any way), and say hello.

Check out the event page here.

Keep Diggin’!

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