The Cactus Channel feat. Chet Faker – Kill The Doubt b/w Sleeping Alone

Kill The Doubt 45The Cactus ChannelHope Street Recordings have been a favorite of ours since their very first 45. They have consistently put out quality funk, soul, and beautiful music. Another shining example of a the little engine that could. Their latest release fits right along with the other dope records we’ve heard in the past. This time, The Cactus Channel join forces with ARIA Award winner Chet Faker for two sides of goodness. This 45 was two years in the making, and is a great example of modern soul that the Melbourne music scene is able to create. It’s this passion for the old that brings us the new from a superb songwriter (and singer) like Faker and the gritty yet on point playing of The Cactus Channel. While Faker’s vocals remind us of the 90’s underground rock band Brad, he coolly croons over a beautiful back beat and horns on “Kill The Doubt”. The A side has all the elements of a classic soul tune, with a down under take from Faker and The Cactus Channel. “Sleeping Alone” still has Chet’s voice blending perfectly over spot on arrangements. It’s a Melbourne soul story told nicely through the voice of Chet Faker and the instrumentation of a band who’s name should be on your lips. If they aren’t, just say it. The Cactus Channel. There, wasn’t that easy? Listen to both sides of this great seven inch, available from Hope Street Recordings right now. A very welcome edition to your little record box as well as your ears.

Buy the record here.

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