Mako & Mr. Bristow – Stank Soul Edits Vol. 1 + 2

Soul Stank Edits Vol 1Just in time for the holidays, Mako & Mr. Bristow get fun-kay with two double siders of funky soul on Agogo Records that get in your face right quick. A dose of heavy drums on the A side of Volume 1 on “King Soul-Omon’s Mine” get your feet moving and head bobbing. This edited version of the tune is as funky as the classic breaks, but now it’s on steroids as M & MB make it funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter. The flip, “Sock It Silly” has a break you will want to work doubles of for days, and that electric piano is infectious. Two sides of Down South heat to add to your record box is always a good thing.

Soul Stank Edits Vol. 1

Stank Soul Edits 2

The second volume of the Stank Soul Edits is just as funky as the first one. It’s alright girl, you can get down to this record too. “Breaks All Tight” does not lie or disappoint from start to finish. An injection of funky drums, soulful vocals and that extra kick definitely make it alright. The B Side, “Mama’s Little Breakbeat” for us, is the jam of the 45. This sister soul filled track, re-edited and reworked for the B-Boys, is the side that will get those windmills and uprocking going from start to finish. Mako & Mr. Bristow make tight edits with hard hitting drums, so the next question is…when is Volume 3 coming out?

Get Volume 1 here.
Get Volume 2 here.
Unfortunately the bundles sold out quick, they’re that good!

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