Alpman – Only You Will Know

Alpman Only You Will KnowWhen you discover an artist that has a certain sound you like, you secretly want them to keep making music. Since his first record on Kept out of Canada, the Turkish multi-intrumentalist has been a busy guy. He released some surf inspired rock music with Alpman and The Walkers, has been playing the rock and roll field for a while, but now my secret yearning for him to keep making funk and soul music has become a reality. His return with “Only You Will Know”, busy typewriter in the beginning, is a dark and gritty journey through many cups of Turkish coffee, a country of unrest, and the inner genius that is Alpman. This organ filled just enough drum heavy track is a crate digger’s delight. If you always wondered where the heavy weights got their Turkish funk from, it is from guys like Alpman. It’s that certain sound. A mood. An atmosphere. Almost empty packets of those lovely Turkish cigarettes as you look out the window as the fast paced world is spinning out of control, no internet access officially (or is there?), music simple and plain for a complicated situation. Alpman takes all of this in, and then let’s you feel what he feels. When you hear it, only you will know. We really dig this track, and hope you will too. You haven’t heard the last of Alpman, his space organ, or his signature sound. Check out the track below.

Get the track here.

Keep Diggin’!

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