Another Year Down…Thanks!

Happy New Year 2016As we are approaching our eighth year here at FleaMarket Funk, we wanted to reflect back on 2015, as we are about to slide into another 365 of funk, soul, jazz, reggae, and hip hop. This past year we have been able to keep doing what we do, giving you the best in vinyl records and DJ culture, introducing some fantastic bands (and record labels) to the masses, as well as playing some great events and DJ nights around the country. Let’s not forget Live From Greenville Studios, a podcast which did pretty well on its own, and getting named the top 15 Instagram vinyl record accounts to follow. That was a big one that is still growing daily . In 2016 we are moving in one direction: forward. We are in the process of establishing a few DJ nights here in Jersey City for the ’16 (which we will talk about after the new year), the formation of The Greenville Soul Club (complete with tees, and accessories), and finally a whole bunch of FleaMarket Funk tees (especially the 45 tee from way back reupped). It’s going to be a big year for FMF the brand, as we will be spreading our brand around, linking up with some more like minded individuals to do some creative projects. 2016 will mark our second year here in Jersey City, so we’re looking to get more involved int he music scene here and create our own little corner to help contribute and make this growing city even better. Be on the lookout for a resurrection of sorts to the 45 Sessions (although the name will be different), with different guest selectors spinning funk and soul forty fives for your dancing pleasure. We’re lining up more guests for the long over due the podcast, and will be keeping that a monthly thing as well. So many things to explore and expand on, we wanted to say this:

“It wouldn’t be possible without your support from around the world throughout the year. So thank you to all of you.”

We’d like to wish the FleaMarket Funk family the healthiest and happiest of New Years, and we will be back in the 1-6 to do it once again. Be Safe. Do it your way, and most of all, keep it funky.

Keep Diggin’

-DJ Prestige/ FleaMarket Funk

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