Jorun Bombay – Funky Drummer Edit/ (I Know You Got )Mind & Soul Power

Jorun Bombay Funky Drummer 2Rewind selectah, or in this case, re-up! If you missed this great re-edit from last year, and from the video proof that was floating around from Jazzy Jeff’s DJ summit, a lot of people did. Well, this time you’re in luck. The Jorun Bombay “Funky Drummer” edit is back. The good folks at Soundweight Recordings could have just repressed the same record with both of the same tracks on each side and called it a day. But, thankfully for everyone, they didn’t. Bonus for us. This time they pressed it up with a new color way and the track “(I Know You Got )Mind & Soul Power” on the flip. We now get another nice jolt of the production skills of Mr. Jorun Bombay, the original record that was sold out completely before plus that new side (another bonus). Unfortunately, the pre-order sold out on the Soundweight Recordings site, but lucky for you, it will be available at better record shops near you, so ask for it. Do not sleep, ask for it, because it’s made in limited quantities and will be gone once again. Have a listen to both tracks below:

Keep Diggin’!

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