Kutiman – Off Grid (Psychedelic Jazz From The Internet)

KutimanFrom the cat that brought you Thru You, as well as a whole grip of funky records, videos, and such comes a project that we thought was really interesting. Off Grid, his latest project is a sophisticated psychedelic jazz album composed entirely of clips off of YouTube. None of the clips are related whatsoever. These tracks are deep, and it is with great skill that Kutiman is able to layer these often intricate sounds, stretch time, and make this record come to life. Essentially, you have a record of people from all over the world, who jam together without knowing it, creating one of the craziest psychedelic free jazz records that (n)ever was.

Off Grid Track Listing and Times:
1 Something Like Indian Scale 00:00
2 5cm Demonstration 05:41
3 Plenty Of Rope 07:00
4 Its Called Sursringer 11:23
5 Lyrebird 14:56
6 La Caccia Del Minimoog 17:00
7 Beautiful Hand Play Tanpura 22:21
8 Okpokolo 26:02
9 Dizi Improvisation In F 30:31
10 Freenotes Wings 34:31

With no additional instrumentation added, Kutiman was able to put together these different elements and take us along on a ride that opens up ears and minds. The original links to every original video are included as well, so you can fathom just how insane putting this project together was. Check out the video below for yourself:

More info on the project and Kutiman here.

Keep Diggin’!

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