J Zone – Funky b/w Go Back To Sellin’ Weed

J Zone FunkyAs if J-Zone wasn’t dope as an emcee, the realest dude in the game taught himself how to play drums and is now releasing some interesting instrumental forty fives. Aptly named “Funky” J-Zone runs the gamut as the funky president with a guitar heavy track (played by Pablo Martin) and deep bass line as well as some organ for your head as well. The man can play the drums, and when the track breaks down to the drum break, J-Zone does not hold back. This track hits all the sweet spots: funky drums, dope bass playing, fuzzy guitar, minimalist organ that still knocks, and great sample selection. I will play the shit out of this any day. We’re hoping that as his drum playing progresses, hopefully we can expect more and more sides like this banger. The flip, “Go Back To Sellin’ Weed” is the tale of bad rappers who are trying to go straight through rapping, but really should go back to selling weed. In other words, their rhymes are doo doo.

It’s a true to life record about what is really going on in the industry today. From the artists to the bloggers to the dudes slanging CDs in Times Square, no one is safe. Because you know what? It’s true. J-Zone is a dude who has never minced words and has always told it like he sees it. He’s seen the up side and the down side of the industry, and like many who survive, has adapted. That’s why he is so respected. The back beat for this track is ridiculous, and pay close attention to the instrumental, the organ/ drum combination is sick. The little breakdown at the end of the track that gets all spacey is particularly pleasing, even if it’s just for a little bit. We are huge proponents at FleaMarket Funk of doing your own thing and hustling. J-Zone is the master at it, and while we’re at it, he’s becoming a master on the drums. It’s funny where life can take you, especially in this music biz, but we’re looking forward to seeing where J-Zone the musician is going. The road looks wide open for him. More of these types of instrumentals please. Have a listen to the tracks below.

Get the record, available on March 14th here.

Keep Diggin’!

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