The Exacters – Ain’t Gonna Lie

The Exacters Aint Gonna Lie 45If you like your funk dirty, then you’re in luck. The German label that could, Our Label records is at it again. This time they have some filthy funk with a sister that can control the microphone like she was Betty Davis. The Exacters, Manchester’s own funk doctors Guy Kilty (bass), Alex Stevenson (guitar), and Rob Shield (drums) featuring the hard hitting vocals of Roxie Ray (formerly of Dojo Cuts) on their debut 7″ for the label is as good as it gets. All the elements are there. A jangly guitar intro, blazing horns, deep bass line, and a horn section arranged by Matt Burke are all the action you need top get a dance floor moving. This early 70’s sound is raw and gritty with enough fuel in the tank to keep it sweaty.

I’m a woman and I’m super fly……

It’s tracks like this that keep our faith in the handful of musicians who really keep the funk and soul torch lit brightly for the next generations. Those drums though, we’re just saying. If you have any doubt, put the needle on the record again and close your eyes. They hit over and over again. The B side, “Ashes” is a slower tempo jazzed out funk scene. With the horns taking the lead on this track, it’s a summer breeze filled cruise on your motorcycle along the coast. It’s a CTI sounding flip, that funky soul jazz you can’t get enough of. A great compliment to the hard hitter on side A. The record comes out today April 8th, so don’t sleep on another sure shot from Our Label Records.

Get the record here.

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