Modified Man – Modifications: Set 1

Modified Man CoverBehind walls in a quiet section of South London, Modified Man cultivate a sound. A space filled with analog synthesizers, reel to reel decks, and vintage equipment mixes in with present day gear to create music that is equally comfortable in the early 1970’s as it is in 2016. Modified Man are Adam Scrimshire and Dave Koor, and the music they make as a duo is out of this world. Avoiding loops as much as they creatively can and opting for live, one take recordings, their approach and dedication to their craft is highly recognizable. Their drive to perfect a specific sound, equally taking liberties to carve out a niche for themselves as well as nodding their heads to some of the giants of the past gives the listener a sound bed full of atmosphere and cinematic synth madness. The record, Modifications; Set 1, is six tracks that expand the mind and travel deep inside your funky emotions. For example, the deep haunting bass line on “Modification 1”, synth stabs and dubby echo ringing out to your aural delight, unveils layer upon layer of goodness. Like delicate flora rather than a fast food served blooming onion, these textures reveal that these lads indeed have soul. They are authentic, and have done their practice as well as their research on the genre. It’s hard to tell whether you’re in London in 2016 or decades ago deep inside some mad scientist’s secret electro lab watching the duo pulling out cords and re-patch them into an electronic symphony. Each track elicits a different feeling, and by the time you’re done, you’re all ready to buy another ticket for that trip again. This music is deep, and fans of synthy jazz, library music, soundtracks, and cinematic landscapes can all get together and groove with this one.

Like delicate flora rather than a fast food served blooming onion, these textures reveal that these lads indeed have soul.

The track we’re highlighting here today is “Stratus (Parts 1 + 2)”, and the bass line is so deep, you can feel that rattle deep inside your chest. This is not easy feat to take on, as Billy Cobham’s original, as most of you crate digger’s know, is a monster. While Part 2 was given to the public a few months ago, this inclusion of Part 1 as a package is the first you’ll be hearing it. The airy first part gets you ready for the second to kick it, the full track is simply put: impeccable. The layers we spoke of earlier are not just saved for one track on this six track record, they’re everywhere. These chaps are the real deal, and this track is a perfect example of why. Available for pre-order on Albert’s Favourites, we’re excited to drop the needle on this record again and again.

Stream “Stratus (Parts 1 + 2)” below:

Pre-order the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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