Guest Mix For Funky 16 Corners: Reggae Explosion

Reggae ExplosionWe are always glad to contribute guest mixes for great sites, and probably our number one influence and impetus for starting FleaMarket Funk was because of Funky 16 Corners. First a web zine, then a powerful blog, serving up the best in funk and soul for a very long time, Larry Grogan has not only become a good friend, but we’re proud to say a member of the mighty AP 45 Session Crew. Although those days are long gone, and let’s face it, we will never be able to do shows like that in a town that has changed dramatically over the years, so we savor the memories, the time and place, and move on. For a few years, we were doing what nobody in that area was doing, an all 45 night. We did it on our own terms, and well, all good things must come to an end. All the founding members have gone onto do great things, and Larry is still educating the masses on a daily basis with his world class site Funky 16 Corners. But alas, as we know here at FMF, there are expenses to this task. So every year, Larry holds a pledge drive he calls the F16 All Nighter, where he gathers a bunch of selectors to put together exclusive all 45 mixes. This year, I chose to do another reggae mix, since I have been digging up some great reggae 45s (all kinds) called Reggae Explosion. Taken off a Byron Lee and the Dragonaires graphic, we explore the finer side of ‘plenty dusty reggae forty fives’ from the FleaMarket Funk crates. These records were dug up all over the East Coast, and a special shout out to Joe from Holdfast for connecting us with some great reggae sides we have been after for a while. Enjoy the mix, and please throw some coins in the slot for the pledge drive, the link is at the bottom of the article.

Reggae Explosion Track List

Honey Boy Martin & The Voices – Dreader Than Dread
Derrick Morgan – The Blazing Fire
Bobby Kalphat – Bobby’s Theme
Augustsus Pablo – 566 Crown Street
Eric Donaldson – A Weh We A Go Do
Junior Murvin – Police And Thieves
Bobby Vaughan – Mohammad Ali
Delroy Wilson – Cool Operator
Toots & The Maytals – 54 – 46
Macka B – Neva Played A 45
Josey Wales – Undercover Lover
Big Youth – Tell It Black
Althea And Donna – Uptown Top Ranking
Collie Weed & Dr. Nuts – Sugar Granny
Jackie Mittoo – Dancing Groove

Check out the original article here, and pledge some money for the pledge drive here.

Keep Diggin’!

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