Polyrhythmics feat. Lucky Brown – I Believe In Love

Poly Lucky Brown I Believe In Love 45Seattle, Washington’s Polyrhythmics have been laying down their unique sound while also collaborating together alongside the band Lucky Brown since 2006. Their long time working relationship has produced a new single called “I Believe In Love”, with Brown taking vocal duties and Polyrythmics laying down a driving back beat they are known and loved for. Hard hitting and super charged, this funky soul track has been getting audiences up on their feet and moving for a while. Now available on 45 rpm on WestSound, you get to experience the phenomenon yourself. Brown’s vocals champion what we all believe in deep down, L-O-V-E, and with a deep bass line, hard hitting drums and those horns proceed to slay this side in a big way.

[we are] using our gift of music as an attempt to deliver a message of unity and love to a world that, at times, seems poised to spiral into darkness- Lucky Brown

This is a big record, make no mistakes. An intersection of two great Northwest outfits that form together into one for a future classic in “I Believe”. Hints of modern funk and soul, afro rhythms, and plenty of energy throughout will be lighting up stages and dance floors this summer. The Polyrhythmics have followed a path of success by being unique, making good music, and touring constantly to bring the masses their sound. This collaboration is heavy. Don’t think so? Check out the guitar and organ section that starts in the 2:20s somewhere. Heavy with a purpose. Check out the single below, and the new video as well.

Check out the video for Polyrhythmics feat. Lucky Brown “I Believe In Love”

Buy the record available on Westsound Record 7.02.16 here.

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