Big Ups With Cameron Hodges

Cameron Hodges Polaroid_600
It is indeed a pleasure to meet different DJs when you DJ out of town. Not so long ago I guested over at Naptown Soul Club in Indianapolis. They have a tight knit crew, which include Twin Peaks, two twin DJs, Cameron and Kyle Hodges. Not only do they play dope records, but they are purveyors of really good coffee. Whether it is making the crowd move with rare funk and soul 45s, or keeping people moving daily with their Dark Matter Coffee, they do it with style. We’ll be featuring both of the chaps in Big Ups, so first up is Cam. A super nice dude that keeps it real and is humble as hell, we’re happy that he took time out of their coffee empire to have a cup of Unicorn Blood with us and give the lowdown on his vinyl record and DJ stories. They have been doing collaborations with DJs and musicians (The RJD2 blend is top notch) through Dark Matter, so we are excited to see more coffee blends, mixtapes, and more from them in the future. This is a guy who does big things in his area, and it’s what we like to promote in our Big Ups series: good people, good music, and of course good record stories. We will be profiling the whole Naptown crew in future sessions, but for now, enjoy Cameron Hodges Big Ups.
Cameron Hodges Big Ups Page 1
Cameron Hodges Big Ups Page 2

Check out Dark Matter Coffee here.

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