J-Zone – Fish-n-Grits

Fish-N-GritsAnother anticipated long player from J-Zone, Fish-n-Grits is now available on Redefinition Records. The rapper, multi-instrumentalist, journalist, producer, DJ, and author (among other things) puts out a full length that contains both past limited edition seven inch, vinyl only releases from as far back as 2014, as well as new material. With a variety of sleazy funk instrumentals combined with his signature rapping, alter egos Chief Chinchilla and Swagmaster Bacon, and off kilter samples, heavy bass and live + programmed drums that definitely knock, J-Zone proves once again why he is one of the realest dudes in the game. With a recipe that channels everyone from Tim Dog to Kool and The Gang to Bernard Purdie to Prince Paul and more, this fifteen track record is purely the J-Zone sound. He gives zero effs about what is hot, he just does what comes natural to him: keeping things funky. Whether it’s playing drums to get that circa ’69 sound on a track, or telling rappers young and old the real deal, J again, like the artists he prefers to spin on 45 does it his way. We love the instrumentals on this record. Maybe it’s because he chose to play drums late in life, and we have been following his ride closely. From the vintage drum kits to the microphone technique of the elders, his dedication and work ethic show. It translates on Fish-n-Grits perfectly. His rap game is still on point too, and unlike so many of his peers and older gents in the game, he has evolved. He hasn’t gone for the latest trend or the latest sound or complains how the Golden Age needs to come back. He makes his own rules and has gotten better with age. Like a Sunburst ’74 Fender jazz bass or James Gadson’s bass drum sound, the J-Zone sound is unmistakably classic. You know what we are saying. This is J-Zone’s time, and we are all here to live it. It’s great to see an artist evolve and get to where he wants to be on his own accord. More people should take a page from this guy’s book of life. Like we have said on more than one occasion: The realest dude in the game. Check out the record streaming below:

Get the record here. Cassettes coming soon.

Also available on J-Zone’s bandcamp page.

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