The Du-Rites – Bug Juice

The Du RitesWhen I was a wee lad, my mom used to ask us we wanted some ‘bug juice’. Whether it was Hi-C in a can, Kool Aid, or some of those Lil’ Hugs, all the kids in the neighborhood would go nuts over the sweet drink my mama was serving up. Whenever I hear that word, that’s immediately where my mind goes: back to riding in a pack of kids with my BMX bike, doing bunny hops and pretending we could do table tops off of our home hill, and drinking bug juice. It’s fitting that the new single, “Bug Juice” from The Du-Rites (J-Zone on the drums and organ and Pablo Martin from Tom Tom Club on Guitar and Bass) take my mind way back as well when I hear their sound. A two man funk band that can funk it up with the best of them, this bucket of funk is the A-side of their first seven inch record that will be out in October. It’s an instrumental track that you can get down to, seriously. J-Zone’s drumming just keeps getting better (and his organ chops aren’t bad either), while Pablo lays down a killer bass line and licks that will make you jump back. Pure funk with no option on soundcloud for the funk genre, this may be the record that makes them put funk in there, seriously. This instrumental is heavy, and J-zone’s drum break towards the end solidifies this as one of our faves of 2016. Look out for more from this dynamic duo, we definitely are.

Listent to the track “Bug Juice” below:

Keep Diggin’!

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