The Gripsweats – Ziggy’s Walk

Gripsweats 45And Colemine Records is back at it again. This time with some heavy, heavy funk to weigh down your 45 box with The Gripsweats “Ziggy’s Walk”. Coming right out of the late 60’s with a monster funk sound, this Nashville, TN group has got the sound to make any funk lover’s ears and eyes perk up from the first needle drop. This is deep funk y’all, and when we say deep, we mean deep. Heavy drums, wah wah guitars, and a horn section that can blow, this raw forty five is one of the heaviest of the year so far. The flip, “Alpha Dog” is a slow burner organ track with raw guitar, horns and drums that bring you back to the Dirty Dirty with its sound. Slow wall grindin’, smoke filled bars with half glasses of Miller High Life and plenty dancing, “Alpha Dog” is the late night soundtrack to somebody about to get in trouble. It’s gritty, uber raw and a perfect B-side compliment to the gait of the A, “Ziggy’s Walk”. We all have been searching for two raw tracks like this, and again Colemine comes through in pinch. They have found the formula for this funk and soul game, and in 2016 The Gripsweats are a huge part of it. Don’ be surprised if this record sells out, it’s that good. This is a brand of funk we can get behind, and what we have been searching for since we started getting into funk 45s. It’s great to hear The Gripsweats keeping the tradition of playing this essential brand of funk: dirty, raw, and not giving zero effs about what’s popular. Looking forward to hearing more from these cats for sure. Available to the public on September 9th on Colemine Records.

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One response to “The Gripsweats – Ziggy’s Walk

  1. Yep, this is some heavy, dope instrumental Funk! I love what Colemine is putting out. This is another fine addition to their roster…

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