Carry Weight: Another Funky 45 Jawn Out of Jersey City

Carry WeightHere’s a Baker’s Dozen of heavyweight funk and funky tunes coming straight from the Flea Market Funk lab in Jersey City, NJ. Inspired by the Wilson’s Carpet lumberjack in Jersey City who’s been holding it down for sometime, I’ve selected some tough brand new tracks as well as some deep classics that all, in one shape or another, carry weight. Hard drums and funky rhythms are a common theme. Play this baby loud, and if ya dig, please pass it on to a friend. This was done all live in one take, because you don’t get a second chance playing live. Enjoy the tunes and the snap, crackle, and pop of vinyl records. Vinyl rules, and so do 45s, so we won’t stop with the mixes. You don’t stop listening. Cheers.

Carry Weight: Another Funky 45 Jawn Out of Jersey City Track List:

The Gripsweats – Ziggy’s Walk
The Soul Investigators – Chicken
Fabulous Epics – Fun And Funk Part II
Hogwash – Earnest Jackson
Richard Marks – Funky Four Corners
Fusik – Santi
45 Brothers – Showtime
Yambu – Sunny
Kashmere Stage Band – Super Strut (Kay Dee Remix)
Metaphor – Summertime (Ain’t Nothing Like It)
Sergio Mendes – Comin’ Home Baby
The Surefire Soul Ensemble – Jeannie’s Getdown
Truth – I Can’t Go On

Stream the mix here:

Keep Diggin’!

Keep Diggin’!

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