The Allergies – Love’s Supposed To Be

JALA220There are a lot of things that draw us to the music. One of the biggest things, is the drum. When the drum sound is right, all is ok in the universe. Your head nods, and the neck snap is inevitable. Some of the hardest drums we have heard this year so far are from the UK’s The Allergies. Straight out of Bristol, Rackabeat (Chai Wallahs) and DJ Moneyshot (Solid Steel) are a production/ DJ team that have impressed us initially with “Rock Rock” featuring Andy Cooper of Ugly Duckling. The production on that track combined with the fast flow of Cooper is as infectious as a choon can get. So we decided to dig a bit deeper because we dug their sound. What we found was a treasure trove on dance floor and club bangers that were written to make your body move. Surprise, surprise. It’s not just EDM that can get people moving. Their sampled funk, soul, disco and other influenced sounds is just what you need to get it together. Today’s banger is “Love’s Supposed To Be”, another track from their debut on Jalapeño Records. A high energy floor filler, this soul motivated track will get the shyest of wall flowers up off the wall and onto the dance floor. With a guitar lick an their signature heavy drums, the soul vocals beckon you to the floor like the siren’s call. Get all worked up into a frenzy with this one kids, because it will make you sweat. We are in love with their sound, and after a few tracks, you will be too. These lads know how to construct a proper track, and we will most definitely be loading up our record box with a few seven inches from this crew. They also have a new playlist up over at Juno, so get on it. Check out the track below, and buy the record after the stream.

Stream the entire record here.

Get the 45 of “Love’s Supposed To Be” here.

Keep Diggin’!

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