My Trippin’ Mojo- My World


Photo Courtesy Dominik Wolf

Leipzig band My Trippin’ Mojo is steeped deep in late 1960’s and early 1970’s funk and soul music. Recording straight to analog tape via old microphones and dusty tape machines, we bring you a cut off of their forthcoming record Edda’s Garden due out November 4th on Resistant Mindz. This record is 10 cuts influenced heavily by that late 60’s funky sound of heavy drums, horn sections, deep bass lines, and jangly wah wah guitar that have defined true funk music since its inception. As they update their sound for 2016, they pay homage to what came before them. Tracks like “Star Babe”, and “Think Twice” are heavily funk influenced, while “Nice Girls With Cool Cars” could be that music for some indie black and white film where the protagonist gets chased in a car. Super funky, it’s got the groove to make you move. There are some definite soul ringers on this Lp, with “Make ‘Em Pass” and “My World” leading the pack. Some tracks remind us of some Donald Byrd vocal joints that get you to move, but are soulful as hell. A nice balance of upbeat and midtempo tracks and a few slow soul jammies round this full length out lovely. We are featuring “My World” today. With the talented vocals of Sabrina Bornmann, this group takes you on a soul journey filled to the top with emotions, horn stabs, a haunting guitar, and a back beat that is thick. It’s got that sound, and whether you’ve heard it before from Nicole Willis or Sharon Jones, or you go back even further and have heard it from Irma Thomas, it is a sound that is distinct. My  Trippin’ Mojo definitely has it. Check out a live performance in studio of “My World” below.

Pre-Order the record here.

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