Lee Fields & The Expressions – Make This World

lee-fields-the-expressions-dbc050-45-artAnd the hits just keep rollin’ for Big Crown Records, as the mighty Lee Fields jumps back with an apropos seven inch of epic proportions. “Make This World” rolls right in like a hurricane just weeks before the election of the new American president and the message is clear: If you want to make the change, it is definitely there for you to make it. Never one to shy away from the truth, Mr. Lee Fields is a dying breed of funk and soul performers giving it 110% every night globally and making an impact musically still after all these decades. Candid on social media and now laying it down on vinyl, he’s the uncle who always gives you sage advice. He’s been there, done that, and if your unc is giving you advice on how to change the world, you better listen up young buck. This is some advice that the youth might want to listen to.

We can make the world better, if we come together.

This record is a scorcher and a sure shot dance floor filler for sure. Driving guitars, horns, and Lee just ripping up this song calling for a change, it’s all there. Who doesn’t love a Lee Field record? Seriously. It’s fired up and super charged, with Leon Michels and Tommy Brenneck on production, corralling some of the best musicians in the game today to lay the back beat for Fields. The horn stabs, heavy as concrete drums, and wait for it….the drum break that you will not get enough of are just a few things we love about this 45. What about the bass line? Let’s not leave that out. But perhaps the cherry on top is that flute solo going out. Two words: bad ass. Listen to the new side below and pre-order the LP Special Night, out 10/28, worldwide November 4th.

Get the record here.

Pre-Order the LP Special Night available October 28th.

Keep Diggin’!

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