Saturn’s Children – Cosmic Patterns | Soultronica Sessions Vol. 1

cosmic-patternsToday’s selection comes via Barcelona and London from the duo known as Saturn’s Chlidren. Damián and Emeson are successful solo artists in their own right, but now have come together to put out some serious universal vibes on their latest release Cosmic Patterns | Soultronica Sessions Vol. 1. Combining soul, electronica, hip hop, afrobeat, R & B, and other soulful music, they two take you on a trip through the universe of love. On the first cut “856 Million Miles From The Sun”, a journey to the Mars, the red planet, floats along with congas, echoes, and two soothing vocal parts that help you along your long trip. You’re mesmerized by the synths, that seem like they are part of the journey all along. The next track, “Cosmic Girl”, is a an R & B, down tempo vibe. Synths and keys envelop you throughout, finger snaps help guide you to the girl of your dreams. Or is she? We will never know. We are definitely feeling this project. It reminds us of a future jazz version of Cosmic Twins meets Roy Ayers uptown. And by uptown, we mean outer space. Sun Ra said space is the place, and he was on to something. So are these guys.

Check out both tracks below:

Get the music here.

Keep Diggin’!

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