Eneeks – My Queen, My King, My God

eneeks-my_queen_my_king_my_godTokyo Dawn artist and South London rapper Eneeks along with producer Robert Strauss and band take you on a soulful journey into hip hop that is reminiscent of Soulquarians productions and banging neo-soul tracks. Complete with lots of soul, disco, even a house music feel at times, My Queen, My King, My God takes you through many emotions in the cycle of our lives. Whether it’s love, loss, creation, or redemption, this EP drives you through each phase and does so artfully and skillfully. Teaming up with key players from London’s underground music scene, this dream team connects the dots and juggles tings proper with this release.

“My Queen, My King, My God” relates to the ancient African trinity of man, woman and child and offers a rich tapestry for stories of love, loss, redemption, creation and relationships through the cycle of life.

Drawing from personal and spiritual inspiration, we get two tracks to preview from the forthcoming effort out on January 2nd, 2017. “Get Up” is a positive flow of good vibes that urges you to get up and stay up, and it’s build up, house party type feel is definitely a plus. It’s sexy, and something you’d hear late night at your boys when the lights were low. It screams positivity too, so it’s a winner in our ears. The second, “Pillow Talk” with more vocoder funk for your trunk is more than just a passing phase. We can get down to this for sure, and so will you. The chorus that bubbles over the flow and vocoder is pretty tight as well. Get lost in the energy of this one people, Eneeks is making beautiful music. Keep an ear out for this artist, you will be hearing more of him in the ’17 and beyond. Check out a snippet of each track below.

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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