Jungle Fire – N.U.S.U.A. b/w La Kossa

jungle-fire-45Back after a several year hiatus, Jungle Fire are back once again with more heat on the Colemine Records label. Picking up right where they left off with “Fire Walker” and “Comencemos”, “N.U.S.U.A.” is an uptempo side, heavy on percussion and afro-Latin vibes. You dig horns? How about drums, a fat bass line and a track that will light up the dance floor? Then this new one is for you. In plain words, another kick ass record from the Left Coast brothers that are making some mighty fine music. Influenced by everything from Latin funk and soul, cumbia, afrobeat and more, Jungle Fire do a fine job of making music. The flip, “La Kossa” is just as dope as well. With percussion for days, and afrobeat sounds that shine, JF blaze through this track like a late night Fela jam into the wee hours of the morning. With some fuzzy guitar throughout and horns that just don’t quit, this latest offering gets you high with the Latin vibes as well. Both sides offer quality dance vibes and genuine music, something JF have been known for since the get go. The original, green color limited vinyl is sold out, but you can still own a copy of the black vinyl. Colemine are ending the ’16 and starting the ’17 out in great fashion. When there are bands to watch out for, this label consistently comes through with an unbelievable amount of diverse artists that have a common thread: funky as hell and ain’t no one stopping them. So get down with some more heat out of the Colemine camp, you’ll be glad you did.

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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