El Michels Affair – Tearz

el-michels-affair-tearzAnd just like that, we Return To The 37th Chamber, and this time with help from Lee Fields and newcomer Shannon Wise from The Shacks in tow. With a new El Michels Affair full length out in April, this forty five picks up where the last dope EMA 45 “The 4th Chamber” left off, and hits us with even more Wu influenced goodness. The Wendy Rene and Wu track both get the Big Crown treatment and it’s as hot as they come. Haunting vocals from Wise and Fields run right into a tough drum beat and that organ get the job done. Call the cops, because this one is hot. This seven is a must for all you funk heads. This will be played at a lot of nights and mixes starting now. We love the dubby Lee Fields vocals too. Haunting, filled with sadness, and powerful. Lee Fields is still running strong, and this is another great side out of the Big Crown crew. They are slowly taking over in all kinds of genres, and the hits don’t stop there. The flip digs deeper into the Wu Tang family catalog with a take on “Verbal Intercourse” from Raekwon The Chef. Who ever gets tired of the Wu and Wu covers? We sure don’t, and we are not the only ones. So EMA is going in hard once again, put your W’s up in the air and put the needle back down.

Teaser for Return To The 37th Chamber

Get the record here.

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